What on earth am I going to do in Singapore for five days?

What on earth am I going to do in Singapore for five days?

Singapore. For five days. What on earth am I going to do in Singapore for five days? – That was precisely what I was pondering the first time I visited The Lion City, and since I’ve been back a handful of times since, and Singapore is one of my favourite cities in the world, clearly I found all the right answers!

Singapore has developed a (well deserved) reputation as a stopover destination. With Changi, the best airport in the world, and Singapore Airlines, my favourite to fly, it’s not hard to guess why. How many other airports in the world can you catch a free movie, enjoy a butterfly or sunflower garden, relax by a waterfall, shop till you drop, or even check-in to an airport rooftop pool?

Then, of course, if you have scheduled your flights to have a layover of more than a few hours, the excellent public transport or extensive line of taxis make it super easy to nip into the city. Soak up the famous sights like the Marina and Gardens by the Bay, before enjoying a Singapore Sling and some Chilli Crab at the airport before your onward journey.

But I’m here to break it to you, if that is the only time you are dedicating to Singapore then you are doing it all wrong. In short: stop stopovers, stay a while, and sample the different sides of Singapore, which is so much more than a gateway to South East Asia.

Singapore is ideal for so many reasons;

It’s the perfect introduction to South and East Asia for the more wary traveller, with cuisine and cultures from across the continent.

It’s safe and clean for those who might have travel worries, especially ideal for trying all the Hawker Markets (Singapore’s take on street food) and sampling lots of different dishes in hygienic settings.

It’s fantastic for all ages and types of trips. I’ve visited solo, with friends, with my parents when I took them to Indonesia (they loved it) and have had romantic trips here that ended with the L-word being muttered. Fancy restaurants, great Singapore bars, tranquil parks, nature islands, high-tech shows, shopping sprees, cultural experiences – it really has it all.

And lastly, before anyone cries about the cost, it can work for all budgets and even backpackers. Sure, there are crazy expensive hotels and Michelin restaurants. But, there are also boutique hostels are great prices, excellent Hawker Markets, and plenty of the best attractions are free. Plus, you are a bus ride away from Malaysia, a boat ride from Indonesia, or the worlds best airport away from another destination. What I would advise though, is to save up your dollars for Singapore, so you can enjoy the best the city has to offer without a worry.

Are you sold on Singapore? Awesome!

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